The Marvel Quest

As I’ve mentioned before, I was inspired by the show WandaVision to watch all the Marvel movies from the beginning. I decided on the order of movie release versus the order of the storyline. I’m sure I just alienated half of the uber-fans of Marvel, but in my defense, I’m sorry. I’m a newbie. Forgive me.

These are definitely the kind of moves that do well in the summer– lots of action and special effects. But they are well-made action movies with a lot of character development and storyline. There aren’t any two-dimensional heroes or villains here.

I love how most of these movies find the heroes facing dire circumstances and almost insurmountable odds. You know they will win, but how seems a mystery. One thing is constant in every movie– they never do it alone. They always find allies who will aid them in their time of need.

The Christian faith is not a Lone Ranger faith. It was never meant to be me going it alone, trying to figure it all out on my own. That’s why community and accountability are so vital. That’s why there’s the Church. I don’t mean buildings or locations. I mean God’s people gathered together doing God’s work God’s way. The Bible calls that koinonia, or fellowship.

The last movie I finished was Thor: Ragnarok. That means there aren’t many left until I’m completely caught up. I’m sure that will be a bit of a letdown day for me, but maybe by then there will be new movies in the Marvel universe.

Still, my prayer is that those who follow Jesus will follow Him surrounded by brothers and sisters who will encourage, support, and challenge them. We are truly stronger together.

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