Daily Sacrifices

I’d amend that last statement. Someone is always watching when we go through our daily trials and turmoil. God sees and God knows, and that is enough.

I believe it’s one thing to die once for your faith in the literal and grand sense and quite another to die daily to yourself in a million small ways. I’d hope hat I could be bold enough to give my life for Jesus, should it be required, but I know that I experience a lot of little deaths every day in the form of inconveniences, sacrifice, discomfort, and other losses.

Maybe if you’re able to learn how to die to self in small ways, when the time comes, it will make the grand sacrifice possible. You see that the same grace that enables you to endure the daily trials will be with you in those final moments.

Selfishly speaking, I don’t want to see anyone called to lay down their lives for Jesus. I don’t want it to come to that. Yet I know in many places of the world, it does. To be a believer is to invite persecution and martyrdom.

Lord, help me to be faithful, no matter what. Help all your children to trust you, no matter what. Remind us of Your promise that you will be with us to the end . . . and beyond . . . no matter what.

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