Making Room

Over my week of quarantine, I did a little bit of early spring cleaning. Ok, I did a lot. I didn’t realize how much clutter I had until I got too far into it to back out. I was starting to think I’d made a huge mistake.

I confess I had lots and lots of old papers I had just stuffed into drawers, hoping to one day get to them. It was not my finest moment or one of my smartest moves, but that’s where I was. I had a lot to go through and clean out.

I didn’t have room to put anything. I had turned into a borderline hoarder (or maybe just a full-fledged hoarder who would’ve ended up on one of those reality shows in 20 years). It was not pretty.

But I got rid of a lot. I took a car load to recycling. I took two loads to Goodwill. It’s funny, but it’s almost like I can think more clearly without so much clutter.

I think spiritually speaking, God sometimes leads us through seasons of letting go. He wants us to get rid of the bad– bad habits, bad ways of thinking, bad choices– to make room. He even has us to let go of the good that hinders us from receiving God’s best.

So many of us, including me, live divided and distracted lives. We have so many things demanding our attention at every moment that it leaves precious little room and time for God. And God is so much more important than anything else that competes for our affection and itinerary. We crowd God out in a sense by leading hurried, hectic lives with too many irons in too many fires.

It’s good to make room for solitude and quiet. It’s good to have time to dig deep into God’s word, not just glance over it occasionally. It’s good to have hobbies and passions and activities, but under one overriding priority of knowing God and making Him known. That trumps all else.

Plus, I found a few hidden treasures that I’d forgotten about over the years. When you make time and room for God, you always find the reward far exceeds any sacrifices you might make. You find that the more room for God you make, the more of God you see working in and around you.

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