Caturday at Its Finest

Peanut chose to spend her latest Caturday doing what she loves best — napping.

I know people always talk about cat naps, those short siestas that are supposed to be rejuvenating and invigorating. Peanut has very different ideas about cat naps.

Her idea is to nap as much as possible and to be awake for as little as possible. If cat naps are 15 minutes long, then she people naps. Her naps go on for hours and hours.

I love watching her sleep. She looks so serene and peaceful, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. And truly she doesn’t. Her only concerns are the next meal and the next nap. Oh, to lead the life of a feline.

Naps are good, especially on gloomy rainy Saturdays like today. I think Peanut has taken the nap to the level of an art form. I hope this little gal gets many more years to perfect her art form.

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