The Music that Made Me

A while back, several people I know on social media got invited to post the ten albums that influenced them the most. Each one posted one album a day for the next ten days, although some couldn’t limit their lists to just ten.

For some reason or another, I never got my invite. Maybe it’s because I’m not into vinyl. I appreciate that it’s making a comeback, but I really don’t want to buy my collection all over again.

So I am sharing my own list of albums that have changed and broadened my musical horizons. Of course, I have way more than 10. If you’re not all that into music, you might want to skip ahead to the next post. But if you are, buckle your seatbelt ’cause you’re in for a bumpy ride. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Boston – Boston
  2. Ella & Louis – Porgy and Bess
  3. Miles Davis – A Kind of Blue
  4. The Who – Who’s Next
  5. Rush – Permanent Waves / Moving Pictures
  6. Russ Taff – Under Their Influence Vol 1
  7. King’s X – Dogman
  8. Tom Petty – Full Moon Fever
  9. U2 – The Joshua Tree
  10. Don McLean – American Pie
  11. Allman Brothers – Eat a Peach
  12. Dan Fogelberg – Souvenirs
  13. Van Morrison – Moondance
  14. Carole King – Tapestry
  15. Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?
  16. Brand X – Xtrax
  17. Chicago – IX Greatest Hits
  18. Phil Collins – No Jacket Required
  19. Yes – Fragile
  20. Cream – Disraeli Gears
  21. Kansas – Leftoverture
  22. Jethro Tull – Songs from The Wood
  23. Journey – Departure
  24. Steve Vai – Passion and Warfare
  25. SRV and Double Trouble – In Step
  26. The Beatles – Rubber Soul
  27. The Band – The Last Waltz
  28. The Dukes of Straosphear – Psonic Psunspot
  29. Elvis Presley – The Complete Sun Sessions
  30. The Thorns – The Thorns

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