More Thank Yous

“O God, I thank You for this day of life
for eyes to see the sky
for ears to hear the birds
for feet to walk amidst the trees
for hands to pick the flowers from the earth
for a sense of smell to breathe in the sweet
perfumes of nature
for a mind to think about and appreciate
the magic of everyday miracles
for a spirit to swell in joy at Your mighty presence
everywhere” (Marian Wright Edelman)

I think I read somewhere that if the only prayer I ever prayed was “Thank you,” that would be sufficient.

I don’t necessarily think that it is completely sufficient by itself, but it goes a long way toward how I view God, the world, and myself.

It’s hard to be envious with thanksgiving. It’s difficult to hold grudges and give thanks. It’s nearly impossible to by cynical and grateful at the same time.

Thanksgiving is the lens through which we can see God more clearly in the world around us and in the world within us.

Maybe the way to overcome 2020 is to give thanks.

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