What I Have Learned From 2020

I have learned a few lessons so far from the calendar year 2020, one of which is indeed that Bigfoot’s name is Darryl (and he prefers that to being called Hey Bigfoot.

I have also learned that having my schedule interrupted isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Before corona, I had my weekly schedule. Then a little virus came along and all my little daily routines got sidelined for a bit. The odd things was that I survived.

I learned to appreciate face-to-face interactions with people. As much as I’m thankful for the technology of Zoom, it’s not the same. There’s an energy that comes from being around actual people in the same room that no video chat could ever duplicate.

I appreciate a good meal at a restaurant more than ever. For a while, I was wondering if I’d ever get that experience again. Hopefully now I’m an even better tipper than I was before, considering how all the servers were out of work for a while.

I discovered the wild and wonderful world of podcasts. I can listen to sermons from my church and from Kairos. I also get the Wally Show and the Brant and Sherri Oddcast, both from Way-FM. Finally, I am getting into spooky supernatural podcasts like GraveYard Tales and Astonishing Legends.

Most of all, I’m a little more grateful for life in general. Sometimes it takes a pandemic to make you appreciate how precious and fleeting this life is and what a waste it is to squander that life arguing with strangers about politics over social media or judging people who sin differently than you.

What wisdom have you gained from 2020? I’d like to know. Also, if you have any life hacks or helpful time-saving hints, those would also be appreciated.de

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