Tuesday Wisdom

I think all of the above applies not just for this season of COVID-19, but for all the days of all the seasons.

For me, I resonate with leaning on God, as opposed to leaning on my own understanding (which I am quite good at, sad to say). Those times when my trust is in the right place are rare, but those are the moments when peace trumps anxiety and fear.

I’m thankful that God still loves his timid, fearful children even when they run in every direction but to Him. He chooses them even when they cling to everything and anything but Him. He is faithful when we are faithless.

I still think that if you and I truly understood how much God loves us, it would change the way we speak and think and pray and live. When we grasp that we don’t have to work for God’s approval but can serve out of the abundance of the overflow of the approval that we already have, then we speak transformed words, think transformed thoughts, pray transformed prayers, and live transformed lives.

I love what Frederick Buechner says: “‘Lord, I believe; help my unbelief’ is the best any of us can do really, but thank God it is enough.”

That’s a good place to start.

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