An Unexpected Anniversary

Ok, so 2020 has thrown a few people for a loop, including me. No one saw the pandemic coming. No one saw all the racial unrest reaching a breaking point. Also, did anyone have murder hornets and bears with nunchuck skills down for 2020? No? Me neither.

In the midst of all the insanity, I realized that today is the 10th anniversary of this little blog posts that I’ve been creating. Honestly, it took Facebook memories to show me that it’s been 10 years.

Right now, time is meaningless. I have pretty much no idea what day or month it is right now unless I have some sort of calendar or phone handy. I also have little to no concept of time passing.

Thankfully, I have Timehop and those Facebook memories. So many ideas for blog posts come from those helpful little reminders.

I say it all the time, but I’ll say it again. I’d write these things even if the only two readers were me and dear ol’ Mom. Even if it were just me writing to myself, it’d be worth it.

I’m grateful for every single person who reads these. I find out all the time about people who are readers of my posts who I never would have guessed would have picked out my silly little blogsite.

Also, I’m still not a fan of the word blog. It sounds like something you do privately that you don’t discuss in mixed company or in proper conversations. Kinda like politics and religion.

Still, I hope to keep it going for at least another 10 years (or until I get an actual life). Thanks again for reading these! You are all awesome!

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