A Prayer for Panic and Pandemics

“God, of thy goodness, give me Thyself;
for Thou art enough for me,
and I can ask for nothing less
that can be full honor to Thee.
And if I ask anything that is less,
ever Shall I be in want,
for only in Thee have I all” (Julian of Norwich)

At first it seems like an odd prayer for a pandemic. Shouldn’t we be praying for healing and peace and cures for the virus?

But the prayer is perfect for the current mood of panic.

We acknowledge yet again that our deepest and greatest need isn’t for peace from strife or cures for COVID-19 or healing for the racial unrest.

Our biggest need is for God Himself. Only God is sufficient. Only God is enough.

One thought on “A Prayer for Panic and Pandemics

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