Friendly Reminder

I’m 99% sure I quoted this before, but someone out there would love to have one of your bad days.

That’s a good reminder when you’re tempted to throw an epic pity-party or a self-sorrowing soiree. People do really have it much worse than you.

That’s not to discount your own pain. I would never be one to minimize your hurt.

But one of the best ways to help the healing process is to remember and focus on the good in your life. All those good things that you and I routinely take for granted are things that many people out there are praying for right now.

What would happen if God one day took away all those things — and all the people– in your life that you take for granted? What (or who) would be left?

I’m not saying God is capricious like that. I’m saying is that it’s good to give thanks and not to take anything for granted.

That’s all.

Oh, and it’s good to let those people in your life know you’re thankful for them.

The end.

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