Welcome to Sweat-pocalypse 2020!

Yes, that season of sweating has come again at last. That season where my hair goes out of control and my sweat glands go into overdrive has arrived.

I do like summer. I even don’t mind hot weather. I do take offense at humidity. That’s what gets to me.

I wish that Tennessee could be one of those places that has dry heat in the summer. That would really be so much better.

I do prefer fall when the temperatures are much cooler and the air has that delicious crispness to it.

But this time I’m not going to waste my days pining away for the next season.

I’m going to enjoy every day and deal with the humid hot weather (mostly by staying inside where the air conditioning lives).

Every day I get from God is a gift, even those sweltering summer days. Including this one.

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