When God’s Will Becomes Our Will

“We deafen God day and night with our words, ‘Lord, thy will be done.’ But then when God’s will does happen, we are furious and don’t like it a bit. When our will becomes God’s will, that is certainly good; but how much better it would be if God’s will were to become our will” (Meister Eckhart, A Call to Selfless Service).

I remember that Elisabeth Elliott once said that in order for God’s will to be done, my will often has to be undone.

I’m not a fan of that.

I don’t like my will to come undone. I don’t like my plans to fall apart and my dreams to disintegrate. But often that is precisely what must happen in order for God’s will to be accomplished in my own life.

Something else for me to remember is that God’s will is bigger than just me. It’s wider and grander and broader than my two little eyes can see and more than my puny mind can comprehend. It’s about way more than just my hopes and dreams and desires and goals.

God’s will is about all of time and eternity. It’s about so loving the world that He gave is one and only unique Son so that no one should be lost but that all might have eternal life.

Sometimes my priorities need readjusting and my mindset needs rebooting. I need to see outside my little world to the bigger world that God is working in.

God, help me to see people the way you do and love Your world the way You do. Help me to want Your will above my own and may Your purposes prevail in and through me every day. Amen.

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