A Peanut Update for July 2020

In the midst of all the gloom and doom media coverage of all things pandemic (among other issues), I thought I’d give you a brief respite from all the negativity by updating you on my little feline named Peanut.

She’s a very docile and gentle 3-year old tortie who loves her some naps. I mean the person who came up with the phrase cat nap has probably never seen an actual cat napping. It’s anything but brief.

She also likes to rub up against my legs, which I believe is her way of leaving her scent on me and marking me as her property. Like that was a really big secret before, right? She’s owned me ever since she picked me out to be her human at the animal shelter.

She has her manic outburst of energy for the day, usually lasting about 5-10 minutes. She gets out all of her energy and exercise for the next 24 hours so she can devote more time to napping. I think that’s brilliant.

Pretty much her job is to lay around all day looking cute. I’d say she does that quite well. In fact, I think I’ll keep her around for another 15-20 years. That is, if she’ll have me.

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