Loving Your Enemies

“You have been taught to love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you this: love your enemies. Pray for those who torment you and persecute you— in so doing, you become children of your Father in heaven. He, after all, loves each of us—good and evil, kind and cruel. He causes the sun to rise and shine on evil and good alike. He causes the rain to water the fields of the righteous and the fields of the sinner. It is easy to love those who love you—even a tax collector can love those who love him. And it is easy to greet your friends—even outsiders do that! But you are called to something higher: “Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:43-48, The Voice).

You can never get away from the words of Jesus. He said it simply so there’s no way of getting around it. Love your enemy.

Who is it that makes you the angriest? Who is it that you wish could go away? Who would you injure or kill if you knew you could get away with it and that no one would ever find out?

Love your enemies.

Jesus doesn’t give us any room for disobedience. You and I can’t say, “But You don’t know what he or she did to me. You don’t know how they made me feel.”

Does this apply to the arena of politics? Absolutely.

Does it apply to those who are on the opposite end of the political spectrum? You bet.

From Donald Trump to Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama to Sarah Palin, they are all created in the image of God.

Did God say you must agree with them at all points? No.

Did God say you could never be angry at them? No.

Did God in Jesus say to love them, even if they are your enemy and even if you in your flesh despise them? Yes.

Is it easy? No.

What God in Jesus calls you and I to do is humanly impossible. When Jesus says, “Be perfect as Your Heavenly Father is perfect,” that is an impossible standard. Unless you have the Spirit of God living inside you, transforming you from the inside out. Then it becomes more and more possible.

You can only love your enemies with God’s love in you. You can only love your enemies because God first loved you when you were His enemy. You can only love your enemies when you understand that Jesus died for them as much as He died for you. You can only love your enemies when you realize that you needed the atoning blood of Jesus just as much as anyone in history has ever needed it.

Love your enemies. Period.

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