The Story of My Life

Ah, yes. The common phenomenon referred to as “getting a song stuck in your head.” It happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.

Actually, I have music playing in my head pretty much 24/7. Even in those moments when I’m supposed to be super serious and quiet and still, you can bet there’s a song (probably inappropriate for the situation) playing in my brain.

I can also almost 100% guarantee you that the songs that most often get stuck in my head are usually the ones that annoy me the most. And no, singing the song out loud does NOT help.

Still, I’d rather have a bad song stuck in my head than to have no appreciation for music at all. Think of how much better life is with music. I can tell you that my life has a soundtrack and certain songs can bring back almost flashbulb-type memories of where I was and what I was doing when I first heard the song.

Just about nothing else has that kind of ability to trigger memories for me. So out of curiosity, what song is it that stirs up memories for you? Or am I just weird that way?

One thought on “The Story of My Life

  1. twinkle twinkle little star how I wander what you are. … this song it keeps staking in my head all the time. So you are not the only weird out there

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