Summer is Back

Even though there are something like 28 days until Summer officially returns, I believe it has made an early appearance. At least that’s what my sweat glands tell me.

I was walking around Franklin this evening noticing how very warm I felt. Not so much a warm and fuzzy feeling. More warm and sweaty.

I saw people walking around wearing jackets in the heat. I try not to judge but I wonder if these people need more iron in their diets. How can you be wearing a jacket when I’m perspiring to death over here?

Anyway, I’ll take the sunshine over the rain. I’ll even take the excessive warm temperatures– at least for a little while. After they hit 90 and above for a couple of weeks, I retain the right to complain.

As you all know, my favorite season is fall where the temperatures are usually not blazing hot or freezing cold. More like somewhere in the middle.

I like the breeze to have just a hint of frost in it and the air to have a dash of crispness. Of course fall for me means that all my favorite holidays are just around the corner– Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I’m not a fan of sweating (and I’m sure the people upwind of me aren’t either), but I’ll take being hot over being room temperature any day.

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