Thank God for Mothers

“Thank God for mothers! Mothers provide the most powerful influence on a child’s life, and are the most important role models for positive change in our society. When people are in trouble, or know that they are dying, the first person they think of is their mother. When children start going wrong ways a mother’s prayer is powerful. Mothers remind us that there is a loving God above us who will take good care of everyone, especially children. Whenever a tragedy occurs – no matter where in the world this happens – you will always find mothers both weeping for the dead and bringing comfort and security to the living” (Johann Christoph Arnold, The Glue of Society).

First off, I understand not everyone in the world has the best mother. But for many of you, these words ring true.

You are who you are because of your mother. I am who I am because of my mother.

Be sure to let your mother know. If you can’t be there in person with your mother, then pick up the phone and call her. Don’t text. Don’t instant message. Make an actual phone call. Or better yet, do one of those Skype or Zoom calls where you can both see each other.

The very fact that God chose to be born into the world through a woman whom He would call mother elevates the position of motherhood and dignifies the worth of every woman who has ever been called Mother.

So celebrate your mothers– not just on this one day, but on every day God allows you to have your mother with you in this world.

Thanks, Mom!

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