Pandemic and Pets

I’m hearing and reading stories about how one positive that has come from the pandemic is that shelters are being emptied out by people adopting pets.

I love that.

I personally believe that no home is complete without a dog or cat. Or hampster, gerbil, rabbit, hedgehog, goldfish . . . whatever makes your weird little heart happy.

I have a little tortie feline that keeps me company on the days when I’m working from home. She never judges (except maybe when her food bowl gets dangerously low), she never pries, and she never burdens me down with loads of expectations.

What she does do is practice her own version of self-quarantining. By that, I mean she takes naps. Lots of naps.

She occasionally speaks to me with her little chirps and grunts. She sometimes curls up in my lap and falls asleep. Sometimes she is a quiet presence nearby.

People who have pets know how comforting they can be. They know how calming and soothing it can be to see your pet at the door when you get home from work (or when you work from home and step out of the bathroom).

I may be a bit biased but I still think the best pets are rescues. It makes my heart supremely happy that people are adopting from shelters, particularly those high-kill shelters, so that they can have companionship during these times of social distancing.

My perfect world is where every shelter is empty and no animal goes unloved or unwanted but all of them find their furrever homes.

One thought on “Pandemic and Pets

  1. Love this & when I discovered the amount of animals being adopted it definitely filled my heart with joy. I wish it wouldn’t take a pandemic to have this happen but nonetheless I’m elated that animals that would of never found homes beforehand finally found refuge ❤️ I appreciate your article thank you

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