Post-Quarantine Bucket List 2: Stuff I Left Off the First List

Immediately after I submitted the last blog post on my bucket list, I thought of some items that needed to be added. I could have cheated and added them in after the fact, but I thought it might be just as fun to do a sequel.

  1. I want to drink that strong church coffee that needs lots of creamer and sugar just to be edible at The Church at Avenue South. Plus, I want to greet people again on Sunday mornings.
  2. I want my long-delayed birthday dinner at Taqueria Del Sol on 12th Ave S.
  3. I also want that table-made guacamole from Uncle Julio’s.
  4. I have been missing my Downtown Franklin Friday nights, so I really need to get back to that.
  5. I want to check out the free stuff section at the library, i.e. the castoffs.
  6. I need my Goodwill fix.
  7. I want to sit at an actual table in Chick-fil-A with that glorious Jesus chicken and some tasty waffle fries.
  8. I need to get back to McKay’s to do some more wheelin’ and dealin’.

I think that covers it. Anything not on the list at this point will just have to remain left off.

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