Needy and Needed

Tonight at Kairos, Chris Brooks said something simple but profound enough to stick with me. Believers in Christ are to embrace being both needy and needed.

To be a believer in Christ is to admit a great need. We confess that we are needy. We believe that God doesn’t help those who help themselves but those who can’t help themselves and who freely admit it.

To follow Jesus is to lay down any claims of self-sufficiency or any notion that I have it all together. It’s a daily declaration of dependence on God for every moment of every day.

But to be a believer is also to realize that we are needed. You don’t have to wait until you figure your life out or have it all together to serve others. You don’t have to have all the answers. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, you don’t even have to have your subject and verbs matching to serve.

You can serve out of the overflow of grace that only comes when you bring your neediness to God regularly. Serving out of your own strength may work for a while but will inevitably end badly.

You might be strong in an area where another is weak, or you might be weak in an area that another is strong. That’s why we depend on each other. That’s why community and fellowship among believers is vital.

That’s the key to the Christian life– to confess to being needy and needed.

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