I Want My Hour Back

I am aware that not all of the fine citizens of these United States of America still practice Daylight Savings. For those blessed to live in the great state of Tennessee, we still do.

The result is that I lost an hour of sleep between Saturday and Sunday, and I am still feeling the effects.

I want my hour back.

I’d actually be completely fine if the PTB (Powers That Be) decided to end Daylight Savings. I don’t see that it really serves a purpose. Perhaps back in the days before electricity it was beneficial for farmers to give them more daylight to work on their fields, but in this very electric and electronic day and age, I don’t see the purpose– other than to annoy me by forcing me to change all the clocks.

Maybe they’ll decide to make up for all those lost hours of sleep and have us fall back about 24 or so hours. That’d make for one fantastic nap.

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