Waiting on a School Bus

Today for my birthday, I was granted early parole from work. I hit up a couple of thrift stores and one of my favorite record shops and still managed to get home a bit earlier than usual.

I ended up stopping a couple of times in my subdivision while the school bus let out a group of students who were probably more than willing to escape the confines of the crowded vinyl seats.

I let my imagination wander for a bit and for a moment I could vaguely recall the freedom that came at the end of the school day. It was a world full of almost endless possibilities. Usually my afternoons involved Who’s the Boss and Growing Pains back to back, then homework.

But some days I’d give anything to go back to being a kid for a day. Sometimes I’m convinced that being grown-up is highly overrated and that adulthood is mostly wondering why you’re sore all over and wondering where the remote control went.

Still, I hope those kids today will have the same memories to look back on that I have. I hope they won’t be so eager to rush through childhood to get to being grown up or that they won’t spend their whole lives being in a hurry to get to the next activity or event or program or stage in life. I hope they have times where they get bored and are forced to learn how to cultivate their imaginations.

Above all, I hope they don’t wait to appreciate the fine art of taking a good nap.

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