When You Really Like Chips and Salsa

I like to think that I have plenty of willpower. That is until I go to a Mexican restaurant and get anywhere near chips and salsa.

That’s when my willpower automatically goes from 88 miles per hour to zero in about five second flat. And flat is not what my belly looks like after all those salsa-drenched chips.

What other simple pleasure is there that never gets old quite like the standard chips and salsa? Especially since each place is a little different than all the rest. Some are more spicy. Some are more tomato-y. Some are sweeter and some are saltier.

I could probably go for days without so much as a thought of these chips and salsa, but put them in front of me and I’m done for. I’ve been known to ruin my appetite for the actual meal I ordered due to said chips and salsa. I need help.

But at least I’m not on drugs.

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