Miracles and Healing

I’m still ruminating on what I heard this past Tuesday at Kairos. John Thomas, pastor of King of Kings Baptist Church and head of Living Hope in South Africa, spoke on healing.

He said that people will tell you that if you don’t receive the healing you prayed for, it’s because you don’t have enough faith or you have sin in your life. He called that idea rubbish, and I agree.

Healing in the Bible is always based not on the person’s faith but in God. God is always the author of healing. I’d say it’s not great faith in God that results in healing but faith in a great God. Besides, if the qualification for healing were sinlessness, we’d all be sunk.

I had one minor disagreement with John (and it was really a matter of semantics). He said that God doesn’t always heal. I say that God does– just not always in this lifetime.

The Apostle Paul speaks of a “thorn in the flesh” that he prayed for God to remove. It might have been a physical ailment or semi-blindness. The point is that God didn’t grant his request for healing. God responded that His power was perfected in Paul’s weakness.

Even if you do receive healing on this side of heaven, it’s incomplete. You still deal with the daily ailments and infirmities of growing old. Unless Jesus comes back soon, we will all eventually die. Even Lazarus got old, grew sick, and passed away again.

But God may choose to heal in heaven where the healing is complete and perfect. There is never again any sickness or pain or grief. There will never again be the disastrous effects of the broken and fallen world we live in.

I still pray for healing for those I love. I still believe that God can absolutely heal– whether instantly or over time or through medical science. Above all, I trust God’s ultimate plan as the best, no matter the outcome.

I know that illness will not have the last word. Pain won’t have the final say. Death is not the end for those whose hope is in Jesus.

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