The 5th Doctor

I made it to Peter Davison’s turn as the Doctor. That makes the 5th doctor, which means that I am closer to the end of the classic series than the beginning.

I remember him from childhood as Tristan from the classic series All Creatures Great and Small. Back then, I had not even an inkling of what Doctor Who was.

Still, I love the concept that the Doctor can regenerated into an entirely new form and personality. That allows the show to continue when one actor decides to move on.

I also love how the companions come and go through out each Doctor’s tenure and tend to compliment him (and sometimes challenge him). Maybe I’m not picky enough, but I like ’em all.

The special effects are still nowhere near state of the art. Some of the acting (particularly from the villains) is way over the top. But there’s still something magical about it all.

Let the fun continue.

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