A Far Greater Grace

“yeah, so maybe the day didn’t go quite as planned, because, hey, let’s be real honest here, we aren’t what we would have planned. 
But, we can hear it, in all the noise everywhere, the grace of Your whispering Word right here: ‘All that matters? Is that I have loved you at your darkest. All that matters is that you are deeply loved in the midst of your deepest dark.’ Romans 5:8
So, yeah , we sit with that — sit with that for a good, long bit. That binds up the wounds. 
The grace in Christ is far greater than the mess in our crisis. 
That changes our world tonight…” (Ann Voskamp). 

#HonestPrayers #1000Gifts

Not every day is going to be your best day ever. Some days you can look back and say that the best part of that day is that it’s over.

But God has a a way of working even the worst of days– and even the most mediocre of days– into good. He is leading you into a deeper trust that you are loved and you are the Beloved, no matter what.

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