Stay Grateful

I think periodically we need the reminder of how good we really have it.

I’m not saying we don’t have any problems or that our lives are perfect and pain-free. I’m definitely not intending to minimize or discount any suffering or pain you’re dealing with.

I am saying that I really do tend to whine and complain over small stuff. In the grand scheme, most of what keeps me up late at night won’t really matter in ten years . . . or five years . . . or perhaps in six months.

It’s a bit funny that I get upset over spotty wi-fi when over half the world’s population went to bed hungry last night. No internet doesn’t seem nearly as much of a crisis when so many have no access to clean water.

Maybe I need to give thanks more often for all that I routinely take for granted– my health, my food, my clean water, the roof over my head, freedom to worship as I choose.

If it’s a reminder I needed for me, then maybe it will be a helpful reminder for you as well. Stay grateful, my friends.

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