Patience and Wisdom

Patience and wisdom. Two of the least popular attributes in this fast-paced culture we live in. For sure patience has little regard in a society where everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time. No one has time for anything.

But the Bible speaks to both patience and wisdom as valued qualities. I can speak from personal experience that the times I exercised patience have often brought a greater reward than when I acted rashly or impatiently.

I also have noticed that wisdom comes through patience. You learn wisdom through enduring and longsuffering. True God said that if you ask Him, He’d give it unsparingly, but often the methods through which God grants the patience do not happen overnight.

True wisdom takes time– and patience– to unfold. Sometimes, it takes hardship and suffering. Sometimes you learn from not quite getting what you thought you wanted at the time.

So patience and wisdom are good things. If you seek and pray after both, you will never be sorry.

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