The Friends of the Library Sale

I’m a fan of the Friends of the Library book sale. I even go so far as to put it as a reminder on my phone so that I won’t forget to stop by the library on the Fridays of the sales.

It’s a bit like thrift shopping. You never quite know what you’ll find. You might not get much, but every so often– on that rare blue moon– you will come up with a treasure for a bargain price.

I found an old Doctor Who book that covered the classic years up to 1984. It seemed most appropriate as I’m revisiting the old series currently.

I believe the same goes with people. When you open yourself up to seeing the world with God’s eyes, you end up befriending people that you normally would never talk to in a million years. Some people, once you get past the rough exterior, have diamond at their core. Sometimes, the ones who are most unloveable are the ones who need our (and God’s) love the most.

Some of the friends that I have that I’ve cherished the most are ones that I honestly didn’t like all that much on first impression. But once I got past the initial dislike, I kept an open mind and found that these people were nothing like my assumptions. It was me that needed to change my perspective.

I also love the fact that these Friends of the Library book sales support my local library. That’s a good enough reason for me.

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