Miracles Still Happen

It was 20 years and 3 days ago that the Music City Miracle happened. The Tennessee Titans collectively took a kickoff to the house for a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills to advance to win the 2000 AFC Wild Card game.

This year, the a whole new cast of Titans took on the mighty Baltimore Ravens who sported the best regular season record in the league. Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations. My thought process going into the game was to watch it until it started to get out of hand and then switch to Doctor Who or a movie.

Well, it got out of hand . . . for the Baltimore Ravens. The 6-seed Titans pulled off the upset of the year over the 1-seed Ravens. This time, it wasn’t a fluke play at the end of the game but a well-executed game plan from start to finish. Not to mention a Steamroller named Derrick Henry who rolled to 195 rushing yards and even threw a touchdown pass.

That’s why they play the game. You don’t have to be the best in the league to win. You just have to be the best team on the field on that particular day. You just have to take it one game at a time.

I confess that I prayed a lot during the game. Mostly my prayers consisted of “Lord, please help the Titans to win tonight.”

It’s encouraging to see how much a little self-confidence and success can do to a team. This team halfway through the season looked like a long-shot to even make the playoffs, but going into this game, they were a group of players who believed in themselves and each other. And it showed on the field.

Here’s hoping and praying for at least one more win. Two would be nice. Thanks, God, for that one. I surely do appreciate it.

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