Your Peanut Update for January 2020

Peanut has her own little studio apartment now. At least that’s what I call the little cabinet space with blankets that she inhabits from time to time. I think she goes there when she needs a little alone time.

She’s gotten quite adept at finding all the comfortable spots around the house. In fact, you know it’s high quality comfort level when a cat graces it with his or her presence.

She still loves her belly rubs in the morning. She still likes to investigate my bathroom before I go in to take my shower, especially the faucet that she inspects by rubbing her little face against it. She gets in my lap most mornings when I’m having my quiet devotional time (and I imagine she prays for more tuna in her diet).

She’s just under 10 pounds, but she has a supersized personality (with 0% of meanness). I still have yet to hear her growl or hiss in the 2 1/2 years that she’s been around.

Look for more updates in the weeks and months to come because Peanut is quite the fascinating little gal.

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