Doctor Who in 2020

The Classic Doctor Who Quest Part II continues into 2020. I’m still aware that the special effects are on occasion cheesy and low budget, but there’s also still a kind of magic about the old episodes.

I’m up to where Leela and K9 are traveling with the Doctor aboard the Tardis. It’s interesting what you pick up on the second time that you might have missed the first time, or for me, how much I appreciate certain people on the show more the second time around.

Leela is an interesting character who is billed as a “savage,” but has the keenest sense of intuition and gut instinct of any of the companions. She’s also quite savvy and very adapt at picking up new concepts and ideas. She had a hard act to follow in Sarah Jane Smith, but she ranks up there as one of the best companions of Doctor Who in my book.

Also, K9. That robotic dog that they keep referring to as “he” instead of “it.” I wish the new series would bring him back.

There will be further updates as the quest continues. Carry on and watch Doctor Who!

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