Food for Thought on a Monday

“It is an easy business to preach peace when you are in health and have everything you want, but the Bible preaches peace when things are in a howling tumult of passion and sin and iniquity; it is in the midst of anguish and terror that we realise who God is and the marvel of what He can do” (Oswald Chambers, Notes on Isaiah).

Yes, I’m aware that it’s Monday. Or was. That means 1/5 of your week is already over (which is good or bad depending on your perspective and your inbox at work).

But God’s peace is not a pleasant sentiment when the skies are sunny and cloudless and the birds are singing. The peace that passes understanding is just as real and available when you’re stuck in the middle of a bad day, counting down the minutes and seconds. It’s for when your soul is in turmoil and your prayers are wordless groans and sighs.

It’s often in those pitch black nights that we find out how deep the love of God goes and how fathomless His grace is to those crushed in spirit who call out the name of Jesus.

May this peace be yours and mine in every kind of weather through all the good and bad days whether we can feel it or not.

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