2 X 4 Truths

I think that is what is referred to as a 2X4 truth– the kind that smacks you upside the head.

How many days do I complain and whine and forget my blessings? How many times have I become so caught up in my first world problems that I lose sight that so many have it way worse than I do.

I didn’t wake up hungry– I had at least one good meal yesterday. I’m not in any danger of dying from hunger or malnutrition like so many around the world are.

I didn’t wake up in the middle of a war zone like much of the world’s population.

I didn’t have to practice my faith in secret, afraid that someone might snitch on me and get me arrested for my beliefs. I don’t live in a place where Christianity is illegal and proclaiming my faith could cost me my life.

My bad days are better than a lot of people’s good days. In fact, there are lots of people who dream about having a day as good as one of my “bad” days because they get clean water, food, shelter, clothing, security, and life.

Gratitude helps me see my life as the gift it is and not the burden I think it is when my thinking gets skewed. Giving thanks takes what I have and makes it more than enough.

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