Almost Advent

“What is coming upon the world is the Light of the World. It is Christ. That is the comfort of it. The challenge of it is that it has not come yet. Only the hope for it has come, only the longing for it. In the meantime we are in the dark, and the dark, God knows, is also in us. We watch and wait for a holiness to heal us and hallow us, to liberate us from the dark. Advent is like the hush in a theater just before the curtain rises. It is like the hazy ring around the winter moon that means the coming of snow which will turn the night to silver. Soon. But for the time being, our time, darkness is where we are” (Frederick Buechner, The Hungering Dark).

I’m not sure if Advent has started or not. I suppose not since it’s not even Thanksgiving, but since Thanksgiving is later in the year this year, it could be.

All I know is that this is my favorite time of the year. Advent is a season of waiting, a word that is almost obscene in this frantically paced culture of instant gratification and . . . no waiting.

But waiting is where we learn to appreciate what we already have and to anticipate what’s coming. In this case, it’s celebrating the incarnation of the Christ child and awaiting His return.

I’m still not very good at waiting. I get impatient and distracted and forgetful. I try to help the process along and hurry it up. I get bored and move on to something else.

But waiting is the part where we get silent and still enough to hear the voice of God speaking to us apart from the noise and distractions of every day life.

Lord, help me to learn more of what it means to wait well this Advent season as I wait upon you.

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