When Does Fall Actually Start?

I’m just gonna go on record and state that it did NOT feel in any way like fall today. I’m no meteorologist, but I’m certain that I wouldn’t be sweating so much if it were truly fall temperatures.

I know it says on the calendar that summer’s over, but someone forgot to tell the weather. It was hot and muggy today and in no way was I inclined to wear any kind of scarves or flannel or jackets.

PS If you wear a jacket or a sweater in 90+ degree weather, that’s weird. Just sayin’. God loves you, but that’s unnatural.

But anyhoo. I’m ready for fall, but I’m more ready for summer to finally end. It’s like that houseguest who just won’t leave. Or like one of those infamous Southern goodbyes that last for 4 hours.

Summer, you were great. You were fun. But it’s time to let fall have a turn.

Go home, summer. You’re drunk. And you smell like pumpkin spice.

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