A Little Friday Eve Humor

Congratulations! You now have that Hokey Pokey song stuck in your head. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Yes, it’s Friday Eve, which means that tomorrow is officially and legitimately Friday. And I am officially and legitimately ready for it because I am officially and legitimately exhausted.

I’m ready for that rare sleep-in day with no nasty alarms to rudely awaken my sweet dreams and no heading off to work in the pre-dawn hours.

In the mean time, one more day. Make it a good one. Make it a God one.

Work at everything you do as if you’re reporting directly to God as your supervisor (because really you are). Do it with enthusiasm and joy. Let your work ethic be your witness.

That’s me preaching to myself again. This past week was less than joy-filled because I didn’t intentionally seek joy. This week, worry and anxiety won out.

But tomorrow’s a new day with new mercies and fresh grace.

And it’s also Friday. Win.

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