Coming Home

“God’s gift of repentance means you’re not defined by your trip to the far country but by your journey home to the Father.”

I have no idea who said this originally, but it resonated with me at some point when I posted it in social media, and it hit home again with me tonight.

I’m not defined by my sin but by my Savior. I’m not my past or my failures or my poor choices or my wandering heart. I am who God says I am. I am who God sees when He sees Jesus and His perfect work in me.

I’m not the beneficiary of what I deserve but of God’s stedfast love, His unmerited favor, of grace upon grace upon grace.

I don’t have to earn my way back to the Father’s heart. I don’t have to work my way back to good standing with God. I don’t have to atone for my own sin or offer penance for my past mistakes.

God in Jesus has already taken care of all that. Even before I saw home, the Father saw me and came running for me. He became undignified for me that I might know a Father’s love when I least deserved it.

Before I could offer my lame excuses and false apologies, He offered me sonship and a place at his table. Instead of throwing me out, He threw His arms around me and wrapped me in a loving embrace.

I’m not defined by the far country anymore. I am defined by my coming Home.

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