My Monday Just Got a Lot Better

I very nearly didn’t go. I saw the drizzling rain and almost decided to forego Radnor Lake today.

I’m so thankful I went.

It was one of those rare sneak previews of fall that we in Tennessee get in the summer. For once, it was not 1000 degrees outside with 110% humidity.

I stepped out of my Jeep and immediately felt refreshed. Sure, I sweated and grunted and wheezed and panted, but I never gave up. I completed my Gainier Ridge/South Cove Trail combo.

Along the way, I saw 17 deer (a few who were almost close enough to touch), a few squirrels, and an owl.

It was magical.

I think the threat of rain scared away most of the people, so I had lots of peace and solitude on my hike. I tried my best to stay in the moment and see the beauty around me instead of getting wrapped up in my own thoughts.

That’s the secret to living– keep your eyes open, pay attention, expect God to do what only God can do, and prepare to be amazed. And Radnor Lake is a pretty good place to be amazed.

I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.

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