Return of the Belly Rub Queen

To give some context, I admit that my first cat Lucy was not a fan of the belly rub. Or touching of the belly in any way. There could be scratching and biting if I so much as went near her belly floof.

Peanut loves her some belly rubs. She rolls over and practically begs for them. She closes her eyes in a kind of ecstatic trance and seems to be in feline heaven.

I don’t know how many cats are belly rub fans. I’m sure it’s not in the majority. You have to win a cat’s trust and he or she has to feel secure enough in your presence to show her vulnerable side (both figuratively and literally).

So when your belly rub request is accepted, it’s a big deal.

Peanut also likes head rubs. As do I, from time to time.

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