Finding Joy in the Ordinary

It’s hard to be joyful at 5 am.

It’s hard to rejoice before that first cup of whatever that first cup of coffee (or whatever caffeinated beverage of your choice maybe).

It’s hard when despite all your best efforts and intentions, you find yourself slipping back into old and unhealthy patterns of behavior, thoughts, and attitudes. You try really hard to be positive and encouraging only to end up being annoyed and sarcastic at the end of the day.

I still stand by the notion that Mondays are rude. They come barging in, interrupting a lovely weekend and the requisite Sunday nap. They don’t ask for permission to enter your life. They just come on in.

But when you have no joy in yourself, you can always go to God and find that His inexhaustible and unending joy can be your strength when you have none.

You can rest in God’s “eternal appetite of infancy, ” as G. K. Chesterton put it, where God never tired of the monotony of sunrises and sunsets and daisies. His joy never grows old or gets tired or runs out. His joy is always where your strength lies.

Tomorrow’s Tuesday. It will be challenging and frustrating at times. You will be tempted at some point to quit. May you find the joy of the Lord to be the strength that carries you through.

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