A Legacy of Boots (and Love)

I distinctly remember as a little tyke going over to my grandparents’ house. I remember vividly that my granddaddy had several pairs of boots, and one of my favorite things was to put a pair on and walk around in them.

I don’t remember exactly how little I was, but I’m pretty sure those boots came up to my knees. For me as a kid, my granddad had some big shoes to fill.

Fast forward about 30-ish years to me being a Nashville transplant. I decided I’d go all in and buy me some cowboy boots of my own to make the Nashvillian status official.

I looked at countless boots in countless places in just about every pattern and brand out there. I ended up picking the very first boots that I had looked at when I first started.

As I found out after I shelled out the $228 for those Dan Post boots, those were my granddad’s favorite kind. It was a kind of a God-wink moment for me, linking me back to a legacy of my family.

Recently, I bought another pair of Dan Post boots. These were a secondhand pair I picked up at a vintage store. I like to think that, however remote the possibility, my grandfather might have worn these boots at some point. It’s an extreme long-shot, but I suppose it’s possible.

Every time I wear my boots, I can be thankful that I came from a good family and can carry on a legacy of faith and love to the next generations.

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