Prayer ADHD

All. The. Time.

If I’m honest, my mind wanders during prayer. Sometimes, it’s when others are praying. Sometimes, it’s even when I’m praying.

This isn’t about how you and I need to be more disciplined and if we loved God and Jesus more, out minds would never wander but be fixed.

This is about how God didn’t pick perfect people who had it all together but imperfect people who knew they’d never get it right but who daily depend on God.

The important part, whether in prayer or life, is that you keep coming back to God. You keep acknowledging you deep need and trusting in God’s ability to meet that need.

The main point is not that you pray well but that you pray early and often. Pray all the time. The Bible says to pray without ceasing. I believe that even during those ADHD moments when my mind is all over the place, Jesus is interceding and praying on my behalf. The Holy Spirit is interpreting all my groans, sighs, and tears into prayers.

Prayer isn’t a have-to but a get-to. Don’t think about it as another requirement that you have to check off to please God but as an invitation to come freely before the throne of God at any time because He wants to hear from you.

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