Be Thankful for the Smallest Blessing

“Be thankful for the smallest blessing, and you will deserve to receive greater. Value the least gifts no less than the greatest and simple graces as especial favors. If you remember the dignity of the Giver, no gift will seem small or mean, for nothing can be valueless that is given by the most high God” (Thomas a Kempis).

I’d say that sometimes in hindsight, it’s those small or mean gifts that end up meaning the most. It’s those graces that we so often take for granted that mean the most when they’re gone.

If you find nothing to be thankful for, the fault lies in you and not in the day. There’s always, always something for which to give thanks, even if it’s waking up this morning or breathing in the next lungful of air.

As I’ve said before, never take anything or anyone in your life for granted, because sometimes what you take for granted gets taken away.

Give thanks early and often for as many days as you get on this earth.

That’s all.

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