Let the Crazy Tennessee Weather Commence!

Or more accurately, let the crazy Tennessee weather continue.

A week ago, it was Arctic-level weather, hovering around the 20s. Today it’s been up to 70. Tomorrow, the high is 75 and the low will be 27.

I imagine there will be a few tornado sirens going off in the general Middle Tennessee region. Hopefully, far away from me. And hopefully with no actual tornados.

Here in Tennessee, you’re in luck. If you don’t like the current weather, you can rest assured that it will change. You can experience all four seasons in one week. Sometimes in 24 hours. At least it’s never boring around here.

Right now, I’m listening to a monsoon outside. I’m immensely grateful not to be driving in it. Nothing’s more stressful for me than driving in heavy rain at night (except maybe driving at night in heavy rain on two-lane roads with no shoulders).

Tomorrow I’ll be keeping an eye out on the weather app all day. It should be fun times ahead.

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