What Really Matters in the End

I think that at the end of our lives, what will really and truly matter will be the number of people who will know Jesus because of us. I’m not saying that me or anyone else can save anyone. I’m not even saying that we ourselves will be the ones to single-handedly win someone over to heaven.

I am saying that if we are faithful to this gospel that saved us, if we proclaim it with both our lives and our lips, it will not return void. God will honor a faithful witness.

That’s something I want to do better. I want to be able to have gospel conversations with people— not the kind where I beat people over the head with a Bible or scream hellfire and damnation at them, but where I speak of what Jesus has done for me and invite them to know this God who can save anybody at any time anywhere no matter what.

As I heard in today’s sermon, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. No one is promised the next breath. If you’re reading these words and don’t have the assurance that you belong to Jesus, don’t go to bed without reading these words:


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