Goodbye Amy and Rory, Hello Clara

I finally made it to the sad, sad episode where Amy and Rory go bye-bye. Even though I knew it was coming (thanks to spoilers and me being about 7 years behind on the whole Doctor Who thing), it still tugged at the ol’ heartstrings.

So goodbye to the Ponds/Williams and hello to Clara Oswald. Hello to creepy snowmen made out of some weird alien snow that makes Frosty want to eat people. Definitely not a happy jolly soul this time.

Throughout all the Classic and New episodes, I’ve really loved how they handle the departures and entrances of companions. Well, for the most part (I’m looking at you, Dodo and Peri Brown).

One day, sooner than later, I plan to be all caught up. Then whatever will I do with my life? Start the Sarah Jane Adventures?

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