But I Think It’s About Forgiveness

“We believe that God forgives us our sins; but also that He will not do so unless we forgive other people their sins against us. There is no doubt about the second part of this statement. It is in the Lord’s Prayer; it was emphatically stated by our Lord. If you don’t forgive, you will not be forgiven. No part of His teaching is clearer, and there are no exceptions to it. He doesn’t say that we are to forgive other people’s sins provided they are not too frightful, or provided there are extenuating circumstances, or anything of that sort. We are to forgive them all, however spiteful, however mean, however often they are repeated. If we don’t, we shall be forgiven none of our own” (C. S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory).

My takeaway from tonight’s Kairos message is simple. Jesus plainly stated in Matthew that if you go to the altar with your sacrifice– that is, if you go into worship service– and remember that you have someone you need to forgive or ask forgiveness from, stop what you’re doing, leave that offering, and go make it right with the other person.

The question Chris Brooks left us with– and which I leave you with– is this. Who do you need to forgive? From whom do you need to seek forgiveness? Maybe you need to put down your device and make a call or visit right now.

It comes down to you being the one to make the first move as you remember that God in Jesus made the first move toward reconciliation while we were yet sinners. God forgave a lot more in you than you will ever forgive (or be forgiven by) anyone else.

Forgiveness, as I heard, is opening the prison door of bitterness and anger only to find that the one released is you. Forgiveness means that you no longer swallow the poison of bitterness and hostility, expecting the other person to die.

When you forgive, you are most like Jesus.


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