On the Eve of March Madness

I have a prediction for the upcoming NCAA men’s college basketball tournament– craziness will ensue.

As for who will win it all, I have no idea. This year, I think there are a number of teams that are deep and talented enough, and I don’t see a runaway favorite.

I predict that some small underdog will pull off the monumental upset of the season over a highly favored big time program. This could finally be the year that a 16 seed knocks off a 1 seed.

I predict that 99% of all the brackets filled out will be all but busted by day two, if not week two. Probably including mine.

I predict that there will be some last second heroics that will leave some feeling elated and some feeling dejected.

I predict that a lot of people will be paying much more attention to college basketball and the aforementioned brackets than to their actual jobs.

I predict that a lot of people will spend a whole lot of time analyzing all the data and statistics, and the winner of the bracket will be the one who fills it in at the last minute and goes completely on gut instinct. Or possibly blind luck.

I feel safe to say that most of these predictions of mine have a good chance of coming true. As for the winner of the national championship, I’d say the team with the most amount of points stands the best chance of winning.

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